31 January 2012

Network Interface Logo

Network Interface Logo
NetWork Interface is a software company in Kansas City, Missouri. The logo is two arrows interacting with the negative space creating an “N”. If you like this logo, or you are interested in having a logo designed for your networking, software or information technology company, you can see more logos like this one on our website. Click here to see more.

30 January 2012

Bombardier Learjet Employees Club logo

Bombardier Learjet Employees Club logo
Bombardier Learjet Employees Club is a benefit service and community outreach organization that is apart of the Bombardier Learjet franchise. The logo is a fun illustration of a popular business jet. Logo design Wichita, Kansas. If you like this logo and you're interested in talking to us about designing a logo for your club, team, organization or event, you will find a more complete collection or our work by clicking here.

27 January 2012

Triple L Motorcycle Service and Repair Logo

Triple L Motorcycle Service and Repair Logo

Triple L Motorcycle Service and Repair is a small but enthusiastic shop. The image in the logo is the owner operator on a ride. Logo design Wichita, KS.

26 January 2012

Hunter Cattle Company Logo

Hunter Cattle Company Logo

The Hunter Cattle Company is a family farm and family tradition. The Hunter Cattle Company logo design depicts the generational tradition of raising and caring for cattle in the natural way. Logo design Savannah, Georgia.

25 January 2012

New Life Covenant Church

New Life Covenant Church Logo

The New Life Covenant Church’s logo is the symbol of infinity as a flame flowing through the Cross. It’s the eternal flame. Logo design Wichita, KS. If you are like this logo and you want a logo designed for your church, you can see a larger collection of our work by clicking here.

24 January 2012

Holzer Marketing Logo

Holzer Marketing logo

Holzer Marketing offers services from farm to consumer and all points in between. We put the farm on the consumers plate to make the point. Logo design Denver, CO. If you are interested in having a logo designed for your company or organization, or if you'd like to see a larger collection of our work, please click here.

23 January 2012

Life Ventures Logo

Life Ventures Logo of a person with arms as branches
LifeVentures offers educational classes and programs for seniors. The logo is a metaphorical “Tree of Life”. A place to learn, grow and come together. Logo design Wichita, Kansas.

22 January 2012

Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Café Golf Icon

Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Café Golf Tournament Icon, a golfer swinging a fork


Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café chain golf tournament icon. It’s a fun time for everyone. So we made a serious golfer swinging a fork.

21 January 2012

Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Café Gol Tournament Logo

Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Café Gol Tournament

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café golf tournament logo. It’s just a fun time for vendors and employees. So we made a serious “Golf Championship’ logo to be funny.

20 January 2012

Borrowsomething.com Logo

Borrowsomething.com Logo

Borrowsomething.com is a website that helps consumers borrow, rent and lend from each other. Logo design Kansas City.

19 January 2012

Steamfast Logo

Steamfast logo

Steamfast is a Retail Brand of Steam Cleaning Products. The client wanted character so we gave them a character. The logo is an elephant known to be powerful, natural and intelligent just like the product. Visit their website.

18 January 2012

ReThink ReConditioning Logo

Hayes Retail Services, ReThink Conditioning Logo

Hayes Retail Services reconditions retail shelves and fixtures for mass retailers. The ReThink logo depicts something dirty becoming new. Hayes Retail Services is a national B2B brand.

17 January 2012

Larkspur Bistro & Bar Logo

Larkspur Bistro and Bar Logo

Larkspur Bistro & Bar is a restuarant in historic Old Town in Wichita, KS. The logo combines a fresh bohemian look with retro typography. Visit their website

15 January 2012

Road Trip

Road Trip logo

RoadTrip is a convenience store and gas station that proposes to use a higher percentage of American drilled oil. The logo references an Interstate shied with muscle car type.

14 January 2012

Colorado Premium 5280 Brand

Colorado Premium 5280 Brand logo

Colorado Premium, 5280 Brand Meats is the highest quality meats in the series. 5280 is a mile high. All of the logos show the Rocky Mountains. International award winning logo design. Logo design Denver.

13 January 2012

Colorado Trailhead Premium Brand

Colorado Premium Trailhead logo

Colorado Premium, Trailhead Brand Meats is the medium level brand. of the three brand series which all focus on Colorado instead of old tired marketing bullets.

12 January 2012

Colorado Premium Prospector Brand

Colorado Prospector Brand logo
Colorado Premium, Prospector Brand Meats is a consumer brand of beef steaks for national retail. The retro logo depicts a prospector with a larger than life T-Bone steak. International award winning logo design.

11 January 2012

Zesta Golf

ZestaGolf brand logo is the letter "Z" and the letter "G" for the initials of ZestaGolf. This Wichita business will sell products across the U.S. including cities like Denver, Dallas and Kansas City.

10 January 2012

Zesta Golf

Zesta Golf
ZestaGolf develops golf equipment and accessories for a more enthuseastic golfer. The logo design is a "Z" and a golfer swinging. See their website.

09 January 2012

Catalyst Marketing

Business Sales for the Industrial Market
Logo Design Wichita Kansas

08 January 2012

Craig Sharp Homes


Home Builder in Kansas and the Wichita area
This Logo design represents two interlocking home/"c" shapes that make an "S"

07 January 2012

Belite Electronics

Avionics Developer and Manufacturer
Logo Design
Global Brand Logo Design seen from Kansas City to Dallas, from New York to London

06 January 2012


generationOn is part of Points of Light Institute, the largest volunteer network in the nation. It reaches more than 83% of the nation’s youths. This Logo Design will be seen throughout the USA including most major cities like Dallas, Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, Denver, Colorado, New York, New York, Los Angeles, California, San Francisco, California, Atlanta, Georgia and more.

05 January 2012

Belite Aircraft

Light Aircraft Developer and Manufacturer
National Brand and Logo seen in Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City and Wichita

04 January 2012

Belite Carbon

Developer and Manufacturer of Light Aircraft Parts
National Brand Logo Design that will be seen in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Los Angeles and more

02 January 2012

01 January 2012